Hospital Bed Rentals

Hospital Bed Rentals

Medical Bed Rentals

Hospital-Grade Recovery at Home.

Having a quality medical bed at home during your recovery period can shorten your healing time and make you more comfortable during it. There’s no need to commit to a permanent purchase – you can rent your much-needed medical bed from Georgetown Home Medical!

We’re here to help you find the right medical bed rental. A more affordable option to purchasing, renting also allows you to use the bed for a limited time. Learn more about our medical bed rentals below and contact us to reserve yours today!

Hospital Bed Mattress

Hospital Bed w/ Mattress



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Renting a medical bed versus buying is a more convenient, affordable option. Choosing the right bed is very important, but pairing it with the right accessories will elevate your comfort and personalize your recovery process.

Take your Comfort to the Next Level with
Medical Bed Accessories!

For Rent:



A trapeze is a patient transfer device that hangs over the head of the hospital bed. The patient can grasp something secure and lift him or herself up when changing positions in bed and getting out of bed and into a wheelchair or mobility device.

Hoyer Lifts

A Hoyer lift transports a patient to and from the bed with limited physical effort. Before using a Hoyer lift regularly, we recommend practicing with a helper.

Hoyer Lifts

For Purchase:

Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards

A transfer board is an assistive device that helps patients move locations while preventing slips and falls. They also help caregivers move patients safely and comfortably.

Bed Canes

Bed canes are great for those who just need a little extra support getting in and out of bed and don’t need full fall protection.

Bed Canes

Overlay Cushions

Overlay Cushions (Type: Gel)

An overlay cushion is laid on your medical bed’s mattress to improve circulation and prevent pressure ulcers/bed sores.

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