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Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps

Feeding your baby with your convenience in mind.

Breast pumps can be a helpful tool for new mothers. Breast pumps allow mothers to continue feeding their child breastmilk even when they are apart. They’re especially helpful if you’re planning to return to work, prefer to feed your baby by bottle, or would simply like a chance to relax.

At Georgetown Home Medical, we offer a variety of products that are beneficial for new mothers. Browse our selection of breast feeding equipment today to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Breast Feeding Equipment


Prolactin – the hormone that regulates milk production – is highest very early in the morning. If possible, pump in the early hours to take advantage of your extra milk.

See the videos below to learn more about the proper use of a breast pump.

Why choose Medela?

Below are the results from a recent study done by BestReviews –

Total Models Considered: 93

Hours Spent: 14

Experts Interviewed: 1

Consumers Consulted: 83

Medela Pump


Medela Pump in Style Advanced Voted "Best of the Best"

Bottom Line: Hands-down the best breast pump available. Hospital-grade quality at surprisingly affordable price.
Pros: Lightweight and convenient to use. Ideal to take along, or for infrequent pumping at home. BPA free. Double pumping kit is incredibly effective and allows you to pump one or both breasts.
Cons: Higher priced, but you are you paying for the quality and performance.

Spectra Baby


Spectra Baby USA
S2 Double/Single

Bottom Line: Most affordable, quality breast pump available on the market today.
Pros: A best-seller that offers a combination of comfort and convenient features at a lower price than similar models. Has a convenient night light and double-pumping ability.
Cons: Comes with instructions that are somewhat confusing.

Double Single Breast Pump


Spectra Baby USA
Double/Single Breast Pump

Bottom Line: An innovative breast pump that rivals the performance of the Medela, but comes up just short in terms of durability.
Pros: A breast pump that offers powerful yet gentle milk expression and quiet operation.
Cons: Several reports of units breaking down after a few months of use.

Double Electric Comfort


Philips AVENT
Double Electric Comfort

Bottom Line:The Spectra edges it out for comfort, quiet operation and a lower price.
Pros: Offers double-pumping feature and three expression settings for fast milk collection. BPA free, and comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
Cons: The unit is somewhat loud when in operation, and some users found the pump uncomfortable to use. It is also a costly model.

Mango Portable Single Electric


Mango Portable Single Electric

Bottom Line: A good choice for mothers who want a portable electric breast pump, but may not be ideal for long-term pumping.
Pros: A lightweight model that is straightforward and easy to use. Portable and convenient for mothers on the go. Offers comfortable pumping action.
Cons: Suction is not as strong as other electric models we tested.

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